The Institute of Technology and Software Engineering of the University of Malaga (ITIS) already has an experimental 5G network, which will be presented at the 5GForum in Malaga.

Under the title “5GENESIS Malaga, a 5G platform open to innovation”Pedro Merino, technical director of the 5GENESIS project, will present at the 5GForum the status of the project and the first tests with companies that will benefit from 5G as well as other tests planned for the coming months.

The installation of the experimental network has been carried out by Telefónica and Nokia within the framework of the European 5GENESIS project and will be managed autonomously by the MORSE group of the ITIS (Institute of Technology and Software Engineering of the University of Malaga), providing coverage to a large area of the UMA campus, in the area of Teatinos.

For its part, Óscar Fajardo, head of the company Nemergent, will give details of the deployment and testing of 3GPP MCS service for communications between security forces, such as the Local Police of Malaga.

The 5G Forum 2020, organized by Medina Media Events, will take place on 6th and 7th May at the National Pole of Digital Contents in Malaga and will gather in a new edition the main Spanish experts and companies.

5G Forum of Málaga, for which registration for professionals is already open, is the most important meeting that will be held this year in Spain to deal with the situation of 5G and its implementation.

During the keynote and in the Demo Area of the Digital Content Pole in Malaga, 5GENESIS will show videos of the network equipment and the process of carrying out some tests.

The videos show the use of police communications from Nemergent, a mobile control center connected by 5G with Local Police of Malaga and the use of 5G cameras by RTVE.

Furthermore, it will be shown the collaboration with NOKIA Spain S.A. in projects CDTI CELTIC UNICRINF, CDTI CELTIC 5G-PERFECTA and H2020 5G-MOBIX with drones and connected vehicles.

Other innovative tests will also be presented at the 5GForum, such as Vodafone Bussines, which will show in Malaga the 32 case studies of use in which it is applying the benefits of 5G technology in the sectors of energy, industry, intelligent cities, tourism, agriculture, health and dependence, security, emergencies and defence, society and the digital economy.