Seville collaborates with Orange and Huawei for the deployment of 5G technology in the Real de la Feria that allows the use of this ultra-fast service in calls and mobile data by 400,000 people a day


Mayor Antonio Muñoz participates in the presentation of the technological device deployed by Orange, which represents an investment of 1.5 million euros to support this volume of traffic and data with the highest quality of super broadband. The necessary infrastructures have been placed in the municipal booths to make possible the deployment of 5G technology at the Fair, as well as a reinforcement of 4G technology. Fibes will host after the Fair, on Monday May 9, the fifth edition of the 5G Forum.

The mayor of Seville, Antonio Muñoz, together with the director of Sustainability, Public Affairs and Regulation of Orange, Luz Usamentiaga, and the CEO of Huawei Spain, Eric Lee, presented this Tuesday the 5G event that will be held throughout the day in the Paseo de El Cid and in which the 5G strategy for the Real de la Feria de Abril has been detailed. According to estimates, up to 400,000 people simultaneously met last Sunday in a contained space such as the Real de La Feria and enjoyed the latest generation network technology that facilitated call and data traffic with the highest possible speed and quality. without interference or interruptions. This registration service is possible thanks to the investment of 1,5 million euros that allows sustaining a volume of communications similar to that of cities such as Córdoba, Alicante or Bilbao so that all visitors can talk on the phone or send data.

Seville City Council, through the Digital Modernization and Major Festivals areas, collaborates with this initiative by lending the municipal booths for the placement of the necessary infrastructures to make possible the use of 5G technology at the Fair, as well as a reinforcement of 4G technology.

“Seville is a city known for its traditions, but it is also a reference for the application of new technologies that improve our experiences in unique situations, with a large volume of people and interactions, such as the April Fair. In this sense, there are many events related to innovation and climate change that are going to take place in Seville in the coming months to analyze these surroundings, such as the national 5G summit that brings together professionals from the sector to reflect on the future of the autonomous communication of our environment that will host FIBES next week. We work in this future in which we do not want to lose the generation of business, the professional projection and the advantages of its application for citizens in close collaboration with the private sector”, the mayor detailed.

The event was also attended by the delegate of Human Resources and Digital Modernization, Clara Macías, and the delegate of the Interior, Major Festivities and the Metropolitan Area and the Casco Antiguo District, Juan Carlos Cabrera.

For her part, Luz Usamentiaga highlighted that Seville “has been chosen by Orange as its flagship city in 5G, the company wants to offer Sevillians a spectacular experience with new mobile technology and is the protagonist of all projects and advances in new technology . Currently, the company offers almost 100% 5G coverage in the municipality and is presented as the fastest 5G network in the capital of Seville”.

From a technical point of view, the use of the Orange mobile network at the Real de la Feria site is part of the quality facilities, taking as a reference the rush hour of influx of people and mobile traffic. This makes the network capable of serving some 400,000 people. This special plan involves the use of 29 nodes distributed around the fairgrounds coordinated by the GU and in synergy with the rest of the operators. The mobile traffic at the Fair during that week can be compared to cities such as Córdoba, Alicante or Bilbao in a contained area. The investment made by Orange in this planning is more than 1.5 million euros, 25 percent more than the last one.

During the presentation of this day, the application of these technologies has been exemplified through a practical case. A circle has been displayed with 21 available mobiles in a focus position towards the center to make an immersive video that includes 21 different points of view. 5G technology allows the video to be edited in real time in the cloud and subsequently downloaded to the user’s terminal, which can be viewed or downloaded in a few seconds. Sevillians will be able to enjoy this experience throughout the day in the tent installed in front of the Rectorate of the University of Seville thanks to the collaboration of Orange and Huawei.

After the Fair, Fibes will host the 5G Forum, the main national summit for 5G technology applications for the communication of home automation devices, public services or means of transport. The 5G Forum is promoted by Sevilla City Office and Fibes. And it also has the support of Telefónica, Orange, American Tower, Viavi Solutions, Ericsson, Capgemini Engineering, Qualcomm, Mavenir, Rohde & Schwarz, Keysight Technologies, Netmetrix-Spirent, Cisco, Huawei, ZTE, Malaga City Council, Content Center Digitales, Fycma, National 5G Observatory, Cellnex, Advantech, Ateme, TOTEM, Dekra, Televes, Hispasat, Nokia, JVC, Toshiba, Axión, Impulsa Vision RTVE, OFG, Evolved 5G and the Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities of the Junta de Andalucía.