The new opportunities that 5G will open in the Spanish, European and global economy, in the short, medium and long term, will be advanced in the 5G Forum of Spain, which will take place from May 4 to 6 in virtual format, and therefore Nokia Bell Labs will take advantage of the main Spanish forum on 5G to share with the Spanish industry their new projects for the future.

The arrival last year of the new president and corporate CEO of Nokia, Pekka Lundmark, has opened a new stage in the Finnish multinational, reinforcing its commitment to new business opportunities for 5G technologies.

Álvaro Villegas, director of Nokia Bell Labs in Spain, will be in charge of talking about the more human dimension of these opportunities that 5G is opening up: “In Nokia Spain we already have several innovation projects underway based on 5G that demonstrate how this technology can improve people’s lives in a tangible way”.

The prestigious Nokia Bell Labs (formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories, Bell Telephone Laboratories and Bell Labs), which has been dedicated since 1925 to scientific research and development, is headquartered in New Jersey (USA) and is named in honor of the inventor Alexander Graham Bell.

Among his most important patents and discoveries are the transistor, the laser, fiber optics, DSL technology, mobile telephony, communication satellites, the Unix operating system, the B programming language, the C programming language and the C++ programming language.

As Alvaro Villegas likes to remind us in his lectures, Nokia Bell Labs researchers have won nine Nobel Prizes, four Turing Awards, two Grammy Awards, an Emmy and a Hollywood Oscar.

Nokia will also be one of the sponsors of this 2021 edition of the 5GForum, the main event on 5G in Spain, which this year extends its agenda by one day (to three days).

The 5G Forum since 2018 has brought together every year senior executives and guest speakers from the European Commission, EBU-Eurovision, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the University of Malaga (UMA) and the most important telecoms in the country.

The first day of the 5G Forum 2021, on Tuesday, May 4, will be dedicated to major national and international 5G projects, with the participation of European and national authorities and leading multinationals worldwide, also introducing a global view of 6G.

The second day, on Wednesday, May 5, will focus on the advances of 5G and Audiovisual; and the third, on Thursday, May 6, on the pilots that are being developed in Spain by companies and universities.

Another of the great novelties of this year’s edition, compared to last year’s edition, is that in addition to the presentations, sponsors will have the opportunity to conduct question and answer sessions with attendees and invited customers, demos, webinars and One2One meetings, with the new platform created by Medina Media Events and already launched at the 4K Summit 2020, the main global meeting on Ultra High Definition (UHD), and at the Extenda Global last November.