• The ‘5G Forum 24’ was sold out at the Nissan Cartuja Auditorium in Seville with the attendance of 580 professionals in its two face-to-face sessions.
  • The seventh edition broke the record in the number of participating companies with a total of 320 companies from Europe, Asia and America
  • A total of 47 speakers participated in 43 sessions over the course of the five-day hybrid format with more than 300 registered virtual users.
  • The 5G Forum will return next year with its eighth edition from May 12 to 16, 2025.

The 7th edition of the 5G Forum, held from May 6 to 10 at the Nissan Cartuja Auditorium, located in the PCT Cartuja in Seville, in hybrid format, brought together the largest number of professionals and companies in its history: nearly 900 professionals (890) from 320 companies, of which 580 attended in person and 310 virtually.

These figures continue to improve year after year, proving that this meeting is a benchmark in the technology sector. A unique showcase with a multidisciplinary vocation to present every year the use cases and success stories of operators, companies, universities and institutions.

Top-level speakers and attendees

A total of 47 speakers participated in 43 sessions over the five days of the ‘5G Forum 24’, representing institutions (European Commission, Ministry of Digital Transformation, Junta de Andalucía); associations (EBU, 6G IA, AEVAC, UHD Spain); operators (MASORANGE, Telefónica, Vodafone); universities (UPV, UMA) and leading multinationals in the sector.

Of the 320 participating companies, the presence of new collaborators and companies that made their debut in this forum stood out, the majority of whose profiles were CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Innovation, Business, Product, Strategy and Marketing directors, as well as consultants and researchers.

Panoramic agenda

The ‘5G Forum 24’ was supported by multinationals from the three major continents (Europe, America and Asia), consolidating itself as one of the benchmark events in 5G technology in Spain and Europe.

Multinationals from the United States (Viavi Solutions, Mavenir, Red Hat and Tesla), China (Huawei and ZTE), France (MASORANGE), Germany (Rohde & Schwarz), United Kingdom (Vodafone), Finland (Nokia) and Spain (Telefónica, Netmetrix, OFG, Vicomtech, Wavecontrol, Axión, UMA -University of Málaga- Gradiant, Hispasat, Gsertel, AI Funded, Opossum and Gamma Solutions).

Attendees and sponsors were also able to network with other companies and compare opinions with a wide range of experts. Another aspect that did not go unnoticed among the participants was the exhibition area. Here, they were able to see first-hand the advances of large companies in reference to this technology: such as a robot-dog, autonomous cars, streaming through a drone, putting out a fire remotely or interacting immersively with heritage assets of the past, among many others.

Important institutional representation

The opening day of the ‘5G Forum 24’ was marked by the presence of important institutional representatives at local, regional and national level. Thus, Julia Criado, deputy head of the Subdirectorate of Planning and Management of the Radio Spectrum of the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Function, was in charge of presenting the new ‘5G Map of Spain in 2024’ focused on “promoting 5G in urban centers, as well as developing innovation and 6G” through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Together with her, Antonio Fernández-Paniagua, Deputy Director General for Radio Spectrum Planning and Management, highlighted the extraordinary work being done by the public administration to make the deployment of 5G “inclusive” and “the backbone of our country” thanks to the contribution of 1 billion euros in subsidies.

For his part, Antonio Sanz, Minister of Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification of the Regional Government of Andalusia, welcomed all attendees and highlighted the “commitment to bring 5G coverage to every corner of Andalusia” and also announced the implementation of a Simplification Decree Law, the Andalusia Digital Law and the creation of a “single contact point for operators to streamline procedures and make investment in Andalusia more attractive”.

Other representatives were also present, such as the director of ADA, Raúl Jiménez; the General Director of Research Planning of the Department of University, Research and Innovation of the Andalusian Regional Government, Loreto del Valle Cebada and the General Director of Entrepreneurship Promotion and Continuing Education of the Department of University, Research and Innovation of the Andalusian Regional Government, Francisco Javier González Navarro. In addition, Luis Perez, General Director of the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, highlighted the “privilege and honor that this congress has made the leap to this innovation ecosystem” as the PCT Cartuja.

Big three carriers showcase their 5G advances

The event was once again attended this year by the three main operators: Telefónica, MASORANGE and Vodafone, who shared their latest advances in 5G and future 6G technology. MASORANGE, which has recently become the leading operator in Spain by number of customers due to the merger of MASMOVIL and Orange, was represented by Miguel Ángel Victoria, Head of IoT B2B, and Angélica Sánchez, Director of Business and Marketing at Orange, who presented the “endless possibilities” offered by 5G technology.

On behalf of the operator Telefónica, Juan Cambeiro, Head of 5G projects with customers at Telefónica, and Ángel Álamo, Head of LAN and 5G Marketing at Telefónica, participated on behalf of the Spanish multinational, which was also celebrating its 100th anniversary. Both addressed the present and future of “one of the most transformative technologies that have been deployed in recent years: 5G”. David Artuñedo, Head of Future Networks Lab at Telefónica, offered a preview of what is to come with 6G.

Finally, Vodafone was represented by César Antón, Network as a Platform Design and Development Manager at Vodafone Business, who offered an approach to the standardization of API networks.

A meeting with great repercussion in the sector and in the media.

The 5G Forum has established itself as a reference forum in the technology sector, as it is a unique showcase with a multidisciplinary vocation to publicize each year the use cases and success stories of operators, companies, universities and institutions. International, national, regional and local media reported on this seventh edition: Canal Sur, Europa Press, Agencia EFE, ABC, Diario de Sevilla, La Razón, La Vanguardia, Cadena SER, Radio Intereconomía, El Correo, etc.

All the presentations of this and previous editions can be viewed through ‘The Observatory’, the digital platform of Medina Media Events, where all the interventions will be available 24/365 for on-demand consumption, like Netflix, but free of charge. In addition, registered 5G Forum 24 professionals will be able to hold video meetings with experts and other attendees. They will also be able to consult breaking news thanks to remain connected throughout the year to ‘The Observatory’.

The seventh edition of 5G Forum was organized by Medina Media Events and is supported by MASORANGE, Telefónica, Red Hat, Netmetrix, Huawei, ZTE, Mavenir, OFG, Vicomtech, Wavecontrol, Axión, the University of Málaga, Viavi Solutions, Nokia, Rohde & Schwarz, Gradiant, Hispasat, Gsertel, AI Funded, Opossum and Gamma Solutions, among others.