The 5GForum, the main event on the new 5G technology to be held in Spain in 2020, continues to be called for the 6th and 7th of May in Malaga and will be completely virtual, with the speakers and attendees intervening and participating from their usual places of work via the Internet.

“We have never considered the cancellation of the 5GForum. The “coronavirus” has challenged the imagination of how to make the advances and the implementation of 5G in Spain shared by the whole technological, scientific, industrial and business community. We had to find an innovative alternative, taking advantage of the possibilities opened by the digital era and 5G”, said Ricardo Medina, CEO of Medina Media Events, organizer of the event.

“The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and of many other world mega-fairs, has prevented a meeting place where all development agents in the 5G world can share their experiences, proposals, ideas and progress. And the 5GForum 2020 will be”, says Medina.

In the next weeks, Medina Media Events will select the technological solution with which it will work in the third edition of 5GForum.
The official agenda of 5GForum 2020 will offer more than 20 keynotes and several “round tables”, and will also organize “virtual meeting rooms” for the registered people to have 15 minutes meetings with the “speakers” or other “attendees” with whom they want to establish contact and propose business opportunities.

“Even if we lose real demonstrations in our “Demo Area”, and renounce skin-to-skin networking between speakers and attendees, we believe it is worthwhile to bet on sharing knowledge, through video conference keynotes, and accept the challenge of using the possibilities of 5G and New Technologies to overcome the problems caused by the first pandemic of the 21st century”, says Medina.

The 5GForum 2020 is the main specific event about 5G held in Spain, and since 2018 it gathers annually in the National Pole of Digital Contents in Malaga the main experts, companies and multinationals involved in the development of this new technology, which allows a higher speed in Telecommunications and will be applied to almost all industrial sectors of the new digital era.